Sunday, October 4, 2015

It all started in life. the moment you are in the game begins. if you like it or not, it doesn't matter. you have to play. it is suggestive that play with whole heart. Play with there is no tomorrow. Play for win. play for setting standards. play for making other feels that they had a tough opponent. 

So it is natural phenomena to get into the ring not as a spectator but as a perfect player. every stroke played by you should be a master stroke. The spectator must enjoyed by your game and they must feel it is Paisa wasool performance. So keep on playing and enjoy the show.

युद्ध तो अनवरत जारी रहेगा,
आशा और अपेक्षा के मैदान में 
कर्तव्य भी बखूबी निभ जायेंगे
जब निकल पड़े सीना तान के
कर्त्तव्य का अहसास होना भी
अपने में कोई छोटी बात नहीं
संकल्प और हौसलों की आगे
नामुमकिन कोई मुकाम नहीं
- डॉ अभय

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