Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dear Readers:

Life is a wonderful journey. it become with a cry of self and ends with the cry of many. the real pain, agony of coming into the world turns to be deed, acts good or bad and ultimate some moments which we feel proud of. I am penning down my new book_ the MANAGEMENT OF LIFE.

What is the life? Is life a merely combination of four syllables or any thing beyond that? Many questions hound among us and every answer leads us to a square where another route is new and unknown. It looks so that whether we would be able to understand the life in this life span or not? At many junctures we come across this question, and as many people try to put their vivid views in such a way that it seems life is something which cannot be defined as a preset structure or protocols.

Life is nothing but the combination of tragedy and happiness, joy and sorrow, right and wrong. It will go as it is but the spectacles which we put on for a particular moment can make a big difference. My efforts are on this to divide this entire canvass of life into small segments so as to understand the concept in a precise manner. It is just an approach, a suggestive method which can be followed to attain the self. There are many philosophies, methodologies and ideas having their own importance but the matter of fact is that they true for all.

Much has been worked out on these topics. more in coming series of articles. HAPPY HOLI to ALL of U.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Life is so simple dear. it is just the matter of fact how you perceive it. think big, act big and ultimate perform it . what you see is hardly a window of life. there is always much more is there to find and explore. we do nothing to find out what is hidden, we just want to contend ourselves with out taking any extra pain or efforts.

There is always a hidden treasure of wealth, mystery and surprise is hidden. those who take chances always find in profit. for those who are contented with themselves then are usually the limited personality.

Be aware if you want to take lead cash in the oppurtunities which may have come in your way. explore the possibilities and just take a BIG LEAP and the world is all yours.



welcome to Divya Drashti


good evening and this is my first scrap message on the board. Divya Drashti has been started to enhance the views and opinions of a common youth to the virtual world. a place where you can feel free to discribe yourself, multifold your outburst and get relief when exhausted.

Life is a simple, spiritual and social crossroad where we come across many persons, opinions and occassions. It goes on sometime noticed and sometime unnoticed. it is the We which makes the occassion big or small, a person great or ordinary, a thought revolutionary or common words. The perception and